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In striving for innovative solutions we value quality, user-friendliness and aesthetics.
Luxena’s customers are individuals and companies that conduct rational business and value their time. Luxena’s products save you resources while simplifying and facilitating business processes.

Restructuring of Luxena Soft Ltd since April 2019

To ensure industrial focus and brands clarity Luxena differentiate specialized businesses as follows

Luxena brand -

The SaaS S1MPL on DaRe (Segment-of-One Management Platform on Data Reactivation Platform, the data management platform) will be promoted by Luxena Ltd. (former Luxena Soft Ltd.) Ltd

Since April 2019 all products of cartography and GIS solutions, as well as a production team entirely, had been transferred from Luxena Soft Ltd to new specialized business entity Ltd

Our capacity for you

Luxena has introduced solutions for:
Flight ticket sales and tourism
Automobile navigation
Geographic information systems, digital
and printed cartography
Fleet management
Finance and inventory management
CRM and business management
Drivers and specialized libraries
for software developers
Telecom solutions based on Asterisk
Software outsourcing and custom GIS projects

Clients and partners



Being a Microsoft Certified Partner, we value skills and continuous professional growth. Our team consists of experienced managers (MBA, IPMA), PhDs, specialists in IT, GIS, and cartography, with extensive practical training and work experience in the leading specialized scientific organizations in Ukraine and Europe.
Luxena’s production process uses an iterative approach with consistent quality assurance at each production stage.
Luxena has vast experience in the creation of highly productive multifunctional web applications (RIA) based on Microsoft .NET/ASP.NET platform utilizing cutting-edge practices and technologies, such as MVC, IoC, ORM, WCF, AJAX, and OLAP on Microsoft Analysis Service platform. We have accumulated a lot of experience in software development using various DBMS, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Informix. Luxena’s specialists have experience of creating Delphi (VCL, JCL/JVCL) applications, as well as applications in the telecommunications sphere, implementing IVR, SMS interaction, and solution using SIP/AIX protocols on Linux and Windows operating systems and Asterisk platform.
Luxena’s GIS department bases its technological process on an integral geographical data-bank under PostgreSQL/PostGIS DBMS. For data processing and final product development Luxena uses Manifold System, ArcGis, MapInfo, Erdas Imagine, ENVI, Quantum GIS, and GDAL/OGR. Luxena has created web-maps and online geographic services based on MapServer, OpenLayers, and Mapnik. We develop our own software tools for GIS data processing and analysis, quality assurance and automation of the GIS department’s technological process on Microsoft .NET/C# platform, as well as with Python and SQL.