General Information

Typically the visits to and use of this portal and its sites (jointly referred to as “the Portal”) do not require providing personal details, such as the e-mail address, name, mailing address, phone number, credit card number, etc. (jointly referred to as “Personal Data”). Please note, however, that the use of certain functions and features, as well as the access to some sections of the sites, require providing Personal Data in specific sections of the Portal.

Providing Personal Data in the Portal, the User fully understands and gives a full and unequivocal irrevocable consent to collection, use, and distribution of the provided Personal Data by Luxena Soft LLC in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof.

The User may refrain from providing Personal Data in the Portal if he or she does not agree with the Privacy Policy. Besides, Luxena Soft LLC reserves the right to modify or amend the Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. The modifications shall become effective from the moment the new version of the document is published in the Portal. Grounds for modification of the Privacy Policy may include, without limitation, changes in the current legislation, material change of circumstances, etc.

Collection of the Personal Data and Other User Details

Luxena Soft LLC collects Personal Data only when it is necessary for the operation of one or more requested features or to provide the User with access to our products and services. The data will be collected exclusively in legal and open ways. The fields requiring entry of Personal Data in the Portal are marked with an asterisk (*) or a similar sign.

Use and Provision of Personal Data

The work with the Personal Data provided to the Luxena Soft LLC in the Portal is carried out in accordance with a clear set of rules. To send e-mail messages, feedback/inquiries, Luxena Soft LLC will ask for the User’s name and e-mail address. Luxena Soft LLC also reserves the right to use such personal data exclusively to satisfy the User’s inquiry/registration or feedback.

If the User places an order via the company’s Portal, Luxena Soft LLC will use the User’s personal information exclusively to perform its obligations towards him or her.

If the User provides feedback or recommendations together with the Personal Data, such information can be used by the company for improvement of its products, Portal operation, provision of a higher quality level of services, and may be given to our employees to carry out the appropriate works for the said purposes.

Deletion of the Personal Data

If the Personal Data are no longer used for the purposes indicated in the above section “Use and Provision of Personal Data”, Luxena Soft LLC shall undertake the possible and necessary actions for deletion or impersonalization of the User’s Personal Data after the expiry of the time period set by Luxena Soft LLC.

Disclosure of the Personal Data

Luxena Soft LLC may disclose the Personal Data only in cases expressly provided for herein.

The Personal Data received through the Portal may be transferred to the third parties or enterprises, institutions, or organizations, or otherwise disclosed only for the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy. Besides, the Personal Data may be disclosed in the following cases: on User’s consent; on request of a court, law enforcement agencies or other state power and governance bodies; while performing obligations to the person that provided its Personal Data or other legal relations with such person.

The Personal Data shall be protected in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine “On Information Protection in Information and Telecommunication Systems”, “On Information”, and other current legislation of Ukraine.

Quality and Update of the Personal Data

Luxena Soft LLC undertakes to take legitimate measures to collect accurate and up-to-date Personal Data from the User. At the same time, the User shall be responsible for completeness and accuracy of all Personal Data provided by him or her. If the User finds that the Personal Data provided by him or her are inaccurate or out of date, he or she may notify that to Luxena Soft LLC in writing in order for the Personal Data to be updated, or personally update the data in his or her personal account. The directions for sending a substantiated request for verification, modification, deletion or amendment of the Personal Data shall be provided upon entry of the Personal Data in the Portal or upon request of the person providing the Personal Data.


The User’s Personal Data will be reliably protected by Luxena Soft LLC from unauthorized access using appropriate technologies and internal procedures.