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Luxena GIS department develops modern high-technology cartographic solutions: navigation maps, thematic maps, solutions for geomarketing, fleet management, logistics, special purpose GIS for mobile devices, desktop and online. It also provides pre-print preparation of cartographic materials.
Luxena’s production capacities and unique development technology enables the efficient collection and integration of field data into a final electronic maps, leading to the release of fully-realized products. Using in-depth field surveying, maps are developed from scratch. The stunning results from this blank-sheet approach mean that our maps and GIS are based on actual terrain survey data and are continuously updated in an integral cartographic database.
The technological process of Luxena GIS is based on an integral geographical data bank under PostgreSQL/PostGIS DBMS. Manifold System, ArcGis, MapInfo, Erdas Imagine, ENVI, Quantum GIS, and GDAL/OGR are used for data processing and final product development. Luxena has created web-maps and online geographic services based on MapServer, OpenLayers, and Mapnik. We develop our own software tools for GIS data processing and analysis, quality assurance, and automation of the GIS department’s technological process on Microsoft .NET/C# platform, as well as with Python and SQL.


NavLux an up-to-date navigation map of Ukraine for Garmin GPS navigation devices. NavLux has been specially developed for the driver who needs a reliable navigation system to negotiate Ukrainian roads.
Online Map Luxena allows the creation and analysis of optimal driving routes. Online Map Luxena also allows the searching of landmarks by name, address, and coordinates. Tracking and displaying stationary and moving objects is made easy on an up-to-date map of Ukraine.

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Our Team and Technologies

Our team consists of PhDs, specialists in GIS, and cartography, with extensive practical training and work experience in the leading specialized scientific organizations in Ukraine and Europe.
Luxena GIS central geographic data-bank under PostgreSQL/PostGIS DBMS can be used in parallel by teams of map-makers with different access levels, providing continuous version control and guaranteed data integrity.
Luxena’s in-house technology enables the collection of automobile and pedestrian field data and integration this into the geographic database. In addition, Luxena uses material from the leading providers of geospatial data, up-to-date aerospace images, as well as data provided by local authorities and advisors.
Luxena’s production process uses an iterative approach with consistent quality assurance at each stage of production. Quality control is provided by qualified GIS engineers using automatic testing procedures, ensuring geometrical data precision, topological correctness, completeness, authenticity, and consistency of attributive information. The final product is evaluated by specialists in transportation services and logistics. Luxena’s tools and the technological process allows prompt provision of data in a structure and format that satisfies even the most discerning consumer’s needs.
Luxena’s GIS department creates cartographic navigation products protected by international patents, developed in compliance with the international standards and requirements in the sphere of digital cartography and navigation solutions. The spatial information and attributive data comply with the industry standards in the spheres of automobile navigation systems, fleet management, traffic situation analysis and management, maintained by such leading producers of digital cartographic materials as NAVTEQ and TeleAtlas.

Innovation Luxena GIS

Our specialists are active participants of seminars, exhibitions, workshops and other professional events.
This extends the information flow required for research into the techniques for continuous improvement of the technological process. This includes the development of algorithms for traffic situation modeling, development of routing algorithms, principles for address information and POI decoding, and development of field surveying techniques. New functional capabilities of navigation solutions are regularly implemented in our products.
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