Custom Software Engineering

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The Agile Software Development techniques employed in our projects enable you to continuously evaluate progress. We work with you in partnership to develop effective user driven software.

Solutions developed for

Flight ticket sales and tourism, finance and inventory management, CRM and business management, telecom solutions based on Asterisk, automobile navigation and GIS, logistics and fleet management.



Being a Microsoft Certified Partner, Luxena has vast experience in the creation of highly productive multifunctional web applications (RIA) based on Microsoft .NET/ASP.NET platform utilizing cutting-edge practices and technologies, such as MVC, IoC, ORM, WCF, and AJAX. The solutions developed by Luxena provide a means of online data analysis (OLAP), implemented using the Microsoft Analysis Service within Microsoft SQL Server.
Some of our services include high-performance algorithms, which we develop in C++ and utilize in the .NET-based mainframe, which allows the efficient development of a high-performance final product. Some of our products are subscription-based software services (SaaS) provided to large numbers of users non-stop, which requires fail-safe, scalable software and hardware solutions. Our services have been in operation for many years without interruption.
Luxena’s specialists are experienced in creating software in Delphi. This includes client-server applications with COM/DCOM technologies and desktop applications based on the standard VCL library as well as third-party JCL/JVCL and Developer Express libraries. Luxena has developed a series of projects in the telecommunications sphere, utilizing IVR, SMS interaction, and solution built using SIP/AIX protocols on Linux and Windows operating systems and Asterisk platform. Through customer-specific software projects, Luxena has demonstrated vast experience in software development using various DBMS, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Informix.

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