Being a Microsoft Certified Partner, we highly value skills and continuous professional growth. Our team consists of experienced managers (MBA, IPMA), PhDs, specialists in IT, GIS and cartography, with extensive practical training and work experience in the leading specialized scientific organizations in Ukraine and Europe.

Together in Luxena

The traits shared by all our team are pro-active attitude and continuous professional development. At the same time we remember that each member of our team is a unique person and do our best to consider everyone’s personal interests.
The comfortable work environment in Luxena and the lively atmosphere of partnership allow us to better understand our customers and create great products with their help.
We are pleased to work with people who see the most natural way to ensure present and future prosperity in continuous development and creation of IT products that people need. Luxena team mates aspire to create helpful and user-friendly intellectual products.


Luxena needs creative professionals. Would you like to develop IT products in professional team? Please, let us know

Luxena Management

Luxena managers are respected team leaders with extensive practical experience.
Sergey Buturlakin. IT architecture. An expert in software and information systems architecture, Sergey is responsible for architecture development and supervise technical implementation of all Luxena’s solutions.
Oleg Lapchynskyi. Project management. Luxena is a project-oriented company. Oleg is an expert in project and personnel management, as evidenced by a long list of successfully implemented projects.