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Online Map Luxena allows the creation and analysis of optimal driving routes. Online Map Luxena also allows the searching of landmarks by name, address, and coordinates. Tracking and displaying stationary and moving objects is made easy on an up-to-date map of Ukraine.
The map is updated quarterly, ensuring access to the most recent data when used as an online resource. Users of Online Map Luxena do not have to purchase new hardware or introduce and maintain specialized software.

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Main Functions and Features

Online access to the map image (similar to Google Maps or Yandex Maps)
Optimal routes calculation
Solving logistics tasks: creating a route matrix
Search queries: address in formation (cities, streets, houses), points of interest (POI)
Reverse geocoding: obtaining an address or kilometer mark on a motorway nearest to the given object coordinates
Application Scope – fleet management and stationary objects monitoring; logistics, driving plans and complex route planning; management and control of forwarding agents, couriers, service and other field teams; management of large machinery in agriculture, construction, etc.; taxi.



The map can be accessed using TMS queries, which allows it to be utilized in the software supporting this query format (such as the popular OpenLayers library). Access to other online map functions is implemented in the form of web-services and can be performed via SOAP protocol and out of JavaScript using JavaScript API.


Luxena online map is kept up-to-date through a continuous production process involving automobile and pedestrian teams driving and partially walking across Ukraine terrain. The final product is evaluated by logistics professionals and specialists in transportation services.

Main Features of the Map

Up-to-date, high-detail coverage. 30% of detailed coverage has been updated or created within the last 6 months and 50% within the last 12 months. Only 20% of the coverage is up to 2 years old. Oblast (Regional) major cities are updated at least annually, other objects at least bi-annually.
Guaranteed updates. Any user-reported map defects will be addressed with each quarterly map update. Regular updates also include scheduled expansion of coverage and quality improvements.
Extensive coverage. Over 1100 cities with detailed coverage; address search (in Ukrainian, Russian and English), including composite house numbers, buildings footprints and detailed road map.
Optimal routes calculation. The oblast (regional) major cities and most larger cities on the map are surveyed in-field, therefore 99% of driving restrictions are in place. Along with collected driveway (apartment) roads, the map provides navigation right to the front door. The map also contains all speed limits, lane assist signs, junction view schemes and 3D houses (number of floors).
Detailed interconnection road network includes all existing interchanges and circumferential roads, as well as information on speed limits in populated areas.
Large and adequate POI database. Over 200,000 regularly updated POIs, many with telephone numbers and addresses.
Custom map development. Luxena performs fully personalized projects in the sphere of GIS and software development. The map can be modified to suit your specific requirements.

Online Map Luxena has been independently developed by Luxena’s GIS department. You can learn more about the technological process and other aspects of digital map production on the Luxena.GIS page.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.