Segment of One Management Platform is a system of mass personalized communications of DMP class (Data Management Platform). S1MPL users are large businesses (banks/retail) intended to shift communication to their clients from push messaging to personalized high-targeted proposals.

S1MPL provides dynamic retention of loyalty and raising of client portfolio profitability of a large corporate business (banks, retails, etc.) by individualizing a client in the enterprise data warehouse, automating personalized mass communications to clients and providing business' clients the loyalty programs per Engagement Economy principles.

The solution is based on creative and multi-factoring analysis of client database (Big Data) using modern Machine Learning methods.

Key elements:

  • Client portfolio management
  • Loyalty program for clients
  • Merchant Portal
  • Geo-marketing

S1MPL is continuously building and updating in background customer profiles based on financial transactions received from banks. A deep understanding of a person's preferences in purchases and their social-demographic context enables S1MPL to propose exceptional high-relevant offers to a person.

Let's build mutually beneficial and indeed personal relationships between your business and it's numerous and diverse clients audience.

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